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8 January-6 March 2020

Fremantle to Fremantle

Development of William’s Ridge, Kerguelen Plateau: tectonics, hotspot magmatism, microcontinents, and Australia’s Extended Continental Shelf

The Indian Ocean contains numerous enigmatic topographic features, and some of the least understood are submarine ridges. Our expedition will focus on William’s Ridge, part of Earth’s second largest submarine plateau, the Kerguelen Plateau, and on the once adjoining Broken Ridge. We will acquire and analyse rock samples and geophysical data from these ridges to understand how they formed and evolved. Our research will resolve questions about the plate tectonics of the Indian Ocean, determine if William’s Ridge is a continental sliver, help understand massive volcanism triggered by mantle hotspots, and potentially contribute to expanding Australia’s sovereign undersea territory.


24 March-6 April 2020

Hobart to Hobart

Integrated Monitoring Observing System Time Series automated moorings for climate and carbon cycle studies southwest of Tasmania (Chief Scientist: Professor Tom Trull, ACE-CRC)

The Southern Ocean Time Series provides world-leading automated observations from deep-ocean moorings of the exchanges of heat, water, carbon dioxide, and oxygen between the ocean and atmosphere, and the physical and biological processes that control them. These results contribute to forward projections of anthropogenic climate warming, inform the setting of emissions targets, illuminate controls on climate variability, and provide a baseline for impacts on ocean pelagic ecology.  Sensor data is returned live to the internet and samples are returned annually for further study in shore laboratories.


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